Why We Wrote The Book

47 million Americans uninsured is the principal problem for America’s healthcare. No workable solution has come forth to provide health insurance for those 47 million people.

How do we do it? and

How can America afford it?

Americas Health Care Crisis Solved Hardcover

More than anything else, that is what our book is about: Insuring 47 million Americans and finding the money to pay for such a giant undertaking.

Let’s give you a preamble: The most important innovation in America’s healthcare was put forward by Pat Rooney in 1992, then called Medical Savings Accounts. It was a pioneer program, offered in the initial legislation tax free only to the self-employed.

In Congress, the principal advocates for the idea were Andy Jacobs, Jr. (D) and Bill Archer (R), both on the Ways and Means Committee. Pat Rooney proposed the idea to Democrat Andy Jacobs. Jacobs liked it and later introduced Rooney to Congressman Archer, who also bought into the idea. The fact that one was a Democrat and the other a Republican made no difference between them.

The control of the House of Representatives shifted to the Republicans and the legislation became known as “Archer Medical Savings Accounts,” for Archer had become Chairman of the Way and Means Committee.

In the early years, the principal sponsorship was Democratic, but when Senator Phil Gramm of Texas became an advocate of Medical Savings Accounts, and at the same time while seeking the Republican presidential nomination attacked President Bill Clinton everywhere he went, Gramm’s attacks caused Democrats to begin dropping off.

In the last two decades, there have been serious attempts at health care reform by the U.S. Congress. These include the Hillary Clinton’s health care reform attempt, and the Patients Bill of Rights. Each of these efforts failed, and each did not contain Health Savings Accounts as part of the package. Two health care reform efforts that did pass Congress, HIPAA and the Medicare Rx benefit, did have Health Savings Accounts as part of their language. オオサカ堂

This book has solutions that can pass Congress, and Pat Rooney and Dan Perrin had a great deal with the passage of the HIPAA and Medicare Rx benefit, which were both carried over the political finish line by the broad support for Health Savings Accounts.

When you consider the new book America’s Healthcare Crisis SOLVED, remember that the only new innovation in America’s healthcare system in the last 20 years was Medical Savings Accounts which were brought to Congress by Pat Rooney. The federal agency that grants copyrights has designated Rooney as the “Father of Medical Savings Accounts.”

When Medicare Prescription coverage (Part D) was approved by Congress in 2003, one of the changes included along with prescription drug coverage was making Medical Savings Accounts a tax deductible saving for all Americans. The name was changed to Health Savings Accounts. No longer an experimental program, but a permanent tax deduction for all.

When you read America’s Healthcare Crisis SOLVED, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind that Rooney authored the only other major tax deduction for healthcare in the last 20 years, now called Health Savings Accounts.

In the new SOLVED book, Rooney and Perrin propose a solution which will, in effect, give employer-provided health insurance to all Americans, no longer leaving 47 million Americans out. Those 47 million uninsured will be able to have health insurance with the government stepping into the role of the beneficent employer who pays 2/3rds of the employee’s cost.

While bringing in the 47 million Americans who lack a beneficent employer paying most of their cost, the SOLVED book also attacks the uncharitable pricing of not-for-profit hospitals. The authors point out that half of the bankruptcies in the US are caused by medical bills, which they say is the work of the uncharitable hospitals.

To fix the future affordability of health care, SOLVED also proposes a Medicare reform to make a better benefit for seniors in covering 100% of prescription drug costs and reducing the drain on the Treasury from Part A of Medicare. Today the taxes we all pay are no longer sufficient to cover the full cost of Part A of Medicare. SOLVED proposes to fix that.

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