Andy Jacobs, Jr. (D-IN)

Former Congressman ,  U.S. House of Representatives

Imagination can conquer mountains and Pat Rooney is the master of imagination. The seemingly insurmountable problem of no sick American left behind finds a solution in Pat Rooney’s new book America’s Health Care Crisis Solved, co-authored by Dan Perrin. Pat Rooney’s brilliant and legendary Medical Savings Accounts went outside the box to employ human nature in saving billions in the purchase of human health care costs. Now, he and Dan Perrin have done it again on a much broader scale.

Publisher’s Note: While Andy Jacobs, Jr served in Congress as a Democrat from Indiana, he served as the Chairman of the Health Sub Committee (Ways & Means)

Steve Forbes

Chairman & CEO ,  Forbes

“All Presidential candidates—as well as everyone else—must read this insightful book. Rooney and Perrin brilliantly show how the health care crisis can be positively solved in a way that will give the best of all worlds—more health care at less cost.”

Scott W. Reed

Republican Strategist

“It has been an open secret inside the Washington DC beltway that Rooney and Perrin have been working hand and glove to change health care policy for the last 20 years. They succeeded where some very smart and powerful people have failed. Whether you are a GOP or Democratic or independent voter, this book will help you to understand, in detail, the coming health care debate.”

Publisher’s Note: Scott was the former Presidential Campaign Manager for Bob Dole

Dean Clancy

Former OMB Official ,  The White House

“America’s Health Care Crisis Solved is far and away the smartest solution yet offered to America’s number one domestic policy problem, the runaway cost of health care. The book’s genius is that it offers ideas so sensible, and so fair, it puts an intellectual cork in the mouth of every single-payer advocate. It’s mandatory reading for those who believe every American should have the health care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. Where others whine about problems, Rooney and Perrin offer a real solution.”

Publisher’s Note: As OMB official, Mr .Clancy oversaw nearly $1 trillion in annual U.S. government health care expenditures!

Ed Corrigan

Executive Director ,  United States Senate Steering Committee

“Rooney and Perrin have accurately predicted every major trend in healthcare over the last several decades. In America’s Healthcare Crisis Solved they do it again by attacking the healthcare problem with innovative solutions. It should be on the desk of every policymaker, and is a must-read for anyone interested in addressing the problems in America’s healthcare system.”

Publisher’s Note: Ed Corrigan was named by GQ Magazine as the 36th Most Powerful Person in D.C. in 2007 & was named the 5th most Fabulous in Roll Call’s annual Fabulous 50 list of the top 50 Capital Hill Staff.

Roy Ramthun

President ,  HSA Consulting Services

“Pat Rooney and Dan Perrin have already significantly changed the course of health care in the United States through Health Savings Accounts that put consumers and their physicians back in charge of their health care. America’s Health Care Crisis Solved is a must-read book, regardless of whether you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. This important book explains health care policy and reform in language that everyday Americans can understand. It will provide insight into the coming health care debate leading up to the next Presidential election, and more importantly, in Congress after the election.”

Publisher’s Note: Ray Ramthum is the former senior health policy advisor to President George W. Bush for health care and was the Senior Advisor to the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury for Health Initiatives

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D.

President ,  Heritage Foundation

“J. Patrick Rooney and Dan Perrin know that much of what we call the health care “crisis” would go away if we transferred direct control over the flow of health care dollars from big institutions to individuals and families. How? Enact a refundable health care tax credit for every American; introduce medical savings accounts into Medicare; and make health care prices, especially in hospitals, transparent. An excellent, hands-on guide for consumers and voters, their book comes just in time for the 2008 Presidential elections.”

Dr. Donald J. Devine

Vice-Chairman ,  American Conservative Union (ACU)

“Rooney and Perrin have written a first-rate, easily-readable book on the current health care crisis and provide a rational solution that does not bust the Treasury (in fact does not increase current spending)–but they have even topped their own policy prescriptions with a commonsense set of tips to survive the crisis during the time it will take for our timid politicians to screw up the courage to adopt their conclusions.”

Publisher’s Note: Dr. Devine is also the Director of the Federalist Leadership Center at Bellevue University

Grover Norquist

President ,  Americans for Tax Reform

“Rooney and Perrin have changed the course of health care in the United States, and they did it by bringing Americans the best tax break in the code: tax-free deposits, tax-free withdrawals and tax-free interest – in the form of Health Savings Accounts. Anyone who is going to be involved in the second great health care debate (the first being HillaryCare) you should read this very readable book.”

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